Tussock Jumper Riesling Germany

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MY ROOTS I grow-up in vineyards along the famous river Rhein in the surrounding of Nierstein, an area with some of Germany’s warmest and driest climate. Overall, it has low precipitation, warm summers and mild winters. My soil easily heats up und distinguishes itself by a high mineral content which provides the wines with depth and body. After a very long ripening phase, only very healthy and fully ripe grapes are selected and gently pressed. Then starts a slow fermentation under controlled temperature conditions in stainless steel tanks to preserve the fruitiness. After fermentation yeasts were kept in the tanks for three months (“sur-lie”) to enhance complexity. APPELLATION Rheinhessen Germany MY DIPLOMAS Wine Enthusiast (USA) |BEST BUY|: 87 points Double Gold Medal China Wine & Spirits Awards 2022

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