Loyalty Points

1. Only members of  hawanacyprus.com website are eligible to collect Loyalty Points. To become a member, simply register on our website here: My Account, or automatically after placing your first order.

 2. Currently, Loyalty Points can be collected simply by making purchases on our website hawanacyprus.com.

3. You CAN NOT redeem any loyalty points to buy tobacco products. This is done because using these points towards tobacco purchases is now considered indirect promotion and it’s illegal in EU under the May 2016 Anti-tobacco legislation.

4. You cannot collect Loyalty points for previous purchases you might placed on our website.  

5. You collect 1 loyalty point for every 1 euro you spend on our website.

6. Every 100 loyalty points can redeem 4 euros. After redemption, the loyalty points you used cannot be used again.

7. You cannot collect loyalty points for cancelled or returned orders.

8. Only the person that makes the purchases receives loyalty points and can redeem those points on our website.

9. Our website will credit its member’s accounts with the appropriate amount of loyalty points. However, each member shall have the responsibility to ensure that the loyalty points are properly credited.

10. Loyalty points collected in a member’s account shall be maintained in their account until they are redeemed or until they expire, whichever occurs first.

11. All Reward points expire within 365 days of the date of each purchase.

12. In cases where Rewards Points are, for any reason, removed from an account for redemption, and later returned to that account, the return of the loyalty points to the account shall not count as account activity.

13. Loyalty points earned by two or more different accounts may not be combined to redeem any award.

14. The Loyalty points structure is subject to modification, cancellation or limitation at hawanacyprus.com discretion, with or without notice. The amount of loyalty points required to redeem any award may be increased, any item on our website may be withdrawn from the program and restrictions on any award or its redemption may be imposed at any time.

15. Hawanacyprus.com will not be liable or responsible in any manner for any tax which may result from a purchase made by redeeming loyalty points during customs declarations. Each Member is solely responsible for the payment of all taxes payable and benefits acquired as a result of such member’s participation in the program.