Tussock Jumper Nero D’Avola Organic Sicily Doc

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MY ROOTS Nature is very kind in Sicily, giving perfect conditions for organic grape-growing. My grapes grow on hillside slopes in the Trapani area, north of Marsala, to the extreme west. The Sicilian climate ensures wonderfully ripe grapes, which are picked at the optimum time. Then they are very gently pressed. During the early stages of fermentation, which takes for around 15 days at a controlled temperature of approximately 28°C, a lot of pumping over in done to extract the right amount of colour and soft tannins. Once fermentation is finished, the wine is racked off and malolactic takes place. WHAT DOES ORGANIC MEAN? “Organic” farming relates to agricultural production systems that seek to provide the consumer with fresh, tasty and authentic food while respecting natural life-cycle systems. Typical organic practices include: strict limits on chemical pesticides and fertilisers, appropriate livestock farming practices, a strict ban on the use of Genetically-Modified Organisms, limits on processing aids and food additives. APPELLATION Nero d’Avola – Sicilia DOC ( PDO )

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