Bitter Aperitif Select 70cl 17,5 Alc.Vol.

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Great to start an intimate evening or to open an exciting evening of celebration – the Select Aperitivo is a great choice for both. The first Select was produced in 1920 in the Venetian distillery Pilla – the distillery was located in the now noble sestiere of Castello in Venice. The recipe is exactly the same as it was about 100 years ago – the production process has remained as traditional today as it was then. The 30 carefully selected botanicals, including juniper berries and rhubarb roots, give this Select Aperitif an aromatic and exciting taste.

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Among the 30 herbs that make up Select’s rich and complex formula, we tell you a little more about two very special ingredients. The rhubarb roots are macerated individually and processed with craftsmanship, they give the pleasant bitter note while the juniper berries are extracted from the maceration in purity, with their fresh and resinous notes give a great structure and persistence to the product. The herbs are slowly macerated in a mixture of water and alcohol. Hot boiling to obtain the herb extract. The pure distillation of the juniper berries, carried out in an artisanal way using a discontinuous copper still, to extract the most aromatic part.


-Colour: Brilliant intense ruby red with orange reflections.

-Aroma: Vigorous and tonic main note, with hints of essential oils and citrus fruits, supported by a balsamic and fresh note of juniper distillate, resin, eucalyptus and menthol. Complex, herbaceous secondary notes.

-Flavour: Very intense, complex, thanks to the balance of the sweet notes of citrus and the bitter notes of roots and bark. Spicy, tropical notes that tie in with the citrus notes. Pleasantly persistent aftertaste with fresh and lively notes due to the essential oils of citrus.


The refined aromatic profile and the balanced bittersweet taste make Select the ideal ingredient for the classic Venetian Spritz: a different, more refined and intense taste experience that makes the famous aperitif cocktail even more unique. Inspired by Venetian tradition, the recipe is completed with a large green olive, just as it is still served today in the most typical venues of the Lagoon. That’s why Select is the ideal choice for those looking for something new and for all those who like to experiment.


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