Amaro Montenegro 70cl 23 Alc. Vol.

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Amaro Montenegro, an icon of the Italian liqueur tradition since 1885.

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The recipe for Amaro Montenegro involves the use of 40 herbs and a complex extraction and blending process that make the product unique and inimitable. Once in the herbal workshop, the selected herbs go through three main extraction methods: boiling, maceration and distillation. From this long and complex process, twelve mother essences are obtained, which, wisely mixed, give life to the six aromatic notes that characterise the product. The last and most important note is the “prize”, the result of the micro-distillation of five aromatic herbs that seals the perfect symphony of aromas.


Limpid colour with warm auburn reflections, it has an authentic perfume rich in pleasant vegetal sensations of aromatic herbs with a unique and unmistakable character that are found, in abundance, on tasting, in a tasty sip, characterised by the perfect combination of sweet-bitter notes that close towards a long herbaceous and mentholated trail, reminiscent of chinotto.


Excellent served straight as a digestive or mixed to create cocktails with a bittersweet character.


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