VILLIGER 1492 Short Perfecto Discovery of America Handmade Cigars Gift Pack of 3

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The VILLIGER 1492 refers with its name to Christopher Columbus, who in the year 1492 also brought tobacco enjoyment to Europe from his voyages of discovery.

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Created as a homage to Christopher Columbus, who discovered the New World in 1492 and brought the enjoyment of tobacco back to Europe, the VILLIGER 1492 is a qualitatively outstanding cigar that tends towards a milder but exceedingly pleasant smoke. Balanced with aromas of wood, nut and toast, this cigar offer the finest of smoking experiences that pleases in every sense.

Awards: 89 points in Cigar Journal 2015

 Strength: 2 / 5
 Short Perfecto
 Coffee, Creamy, Earth, Grass, Nut, Toast
 21.4 mm


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