Maxime Trijol VSOP Supérieur Cognac with Glasses 700ml 40% alc

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Tasting review

Eye: Amber with flashes of gold.

Nose: A complex, mellow nose, bringing a blend of almond, figs and dried cranberries.

Palate: Velvety balance on the palate with hints of dried fruit and hazelnut, backed by a rich and harmonious texture.

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Maxime Trijol VSOP Supérieur Cognac: a Taste of Tradition

To create the Maxime Trijol VSOP Supérieur Cognac, Ugni Blanc grapes are crushed and pressed between September and October, the juices fermented without sulfur dioxide and then kept upon the lees. In accordance with AOC Cognac rules, from March 31st onwards the wine process is transformed into Cognac over double distillation. The Charente method is preferred, which consists of double heating in the traditional pot still. It is then matured in Limousin oak casks for a minimum of four years; however, Maxime Trijol Cognacs are all crafted from a blend of different years as their strategy is to age their eaux-de-vie much longer than what is required by law.

The Trijol family first settled as winegrowers in the town of St Martial Sur Né, in the heart of the Cognac region, and their history as distillers date back to 1859 when the family installed their first copper still. Initially focused on small-scale production, it wasn’t until 1962 that then-owner Maxime Trijol was recognized as a professional distiller. His son Jean-Jacques took over ten years later as the sixth generation to run the company; he is still in charge today, helped by his two daughters Pauline and Anne-Sophie.

This independent family firm has gone from strength to strength over the last 150 years – with twenty-two 2,500-liter charentais pot stills, they are one of the largest distillers of Cognac today. In recent times the House of Maxime Trijol has concentrated on expanding their own range of Cognac, building a worldwide reputation for quality and exquisite taste. To this day, the family continues to oversee each step of the production process and it’s thanks to this intimate relationship between maker and métier that the House of Maxime Trijol can deliver this VSOP Cognac imbued with its complex bouquet and wonderfully balanced palate.


  • Silver medal at the 6th challenge of the best French spirits for Asia 2016
  • New York International Spirits Competition 2017: Cognac Producer of the Year
  • New York International Spirits Competition 2016: Cognac Producer of the Year
Presentation of the Bottle

The delicately shaped bottle features a unique profile and rounded curves, offset by the producer’s signature deep red label and foil. It arrives in a matching presentation box.

How to Enjoy Maxime Trijol VSOP Supérieur Cognac

Fine blends like this deserve attention: pour gently into a tulip glass and let it rest for 30 seconds before taking a sip. To allow the aromas to open up further, a small dash of mineral water could be added. Best enjoyed at 20 to 25°C.

About Maxime Trijol Cognac

With a history dating back to the mid-1800s, the house of Maxime Trijol located in the heart of the infamous Cognac region boasts award winning Cognacs that are sold around the world in 50 different countries. At Maxime Trijol, more than five generations of the Trijol family have remained loyal to traditional methods of Cognac production of the years, which includes; overseeing each and every aspect of the Cognac production process. The quest for excellence is embedded deep within the history and values of this family of Cognac experts, meaning fine quality Maxime Trijol Cognac products are to be expected.


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