Ksara Arak 700ml

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Triple distilled eau-de-vie with fresh green aniseed.


Serve with a third of arak and two thirds of water. Finally add the ice cubes. Arak is the ideal accompaniment to mezze dishes due to its palate-cleaning properties




700 ml


Ugni Blanc, Obeidy and Merwahy


Two years in clay amphorae


Arak is a more flavorful liqueur traditionally made in the Eastern Mediterranean. Arak is traditionally made from just two ingredients: grapes and anise.

Manufacturing begins with the vineyards, and quality grape vines are key to making good arak. The vines should be very ripe and usually golden in color. Instead of being irrigated, the vineyards are left to care for the Mediterranean climate and the natural rain and sun are used. The grapes, which are harvested at the end of September and October, are crushed and put into barrels along with the juice, where they ferment for three weeks.

The alcohol collected in the first distillation is subjected to a second distillation, but this time mixed with anise. The alcohol to anise ratio can vary and is one of the main factors influencing the quality of the end product. The finished product is created in a final distillation, which takes place at the lowest possible temperature. For quality arak, the finished spirit is then stored in clay amphorae. The liquid remaining after this step is best for consumption

Arak is usually mixed in a ratio of about one part arak to two parts. The mixture is then poured into beakers filled with ice. This dilution causes the clear spirit to take on a translucent, milky white color. If the ice is put into the drinking vessel before the water, an aesthetically unpleasant layer forms on the surface of the drink because the ice allows the oils to solidify. If water is added first, the ethanol emulsifies the fat, which leads to the characteristic milky color.

To avoid precipitation of the anise (rather than an emulsion), drinkers prefer not to reuse a glass that has contained arak.

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