Basilur Vintage Style – Assorted Tea 25 Envelopes

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asilur presents this colourful range of exquisite teas to celebrate the most joyful time of the year. Each tea represents the joy, love and spirit of Christmas & New Year, which unites friends and family to rejoice together.

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WINTER HOLIDAYS: 100% Pure Ceylon black tea, flavour “Winter Dream” (Taste notes – vanilla, strawberry and cream.)

MERRY CHRISTMAS: 100% Pure Ceylon black tea, flavours ginger, lemon, honey and vanilla

CHRISTMAS TREE: 100% Pure Ceylon green tea, flavours mango, passionfruit and lime.

NEW YEAR’S GIFT: 100% Pure Ceylon black tea, flavours cherry and almond.

Packaging: 25 foil enveloped tea bags in carton box.


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