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The Patron 50mL Variety Gift Pack contains 50mL bottles of Patron’s best expressions:

  • Patron Silver
  • Patron Reposado
  • Patron Anejo
  • Patron XO Café

A great sampler, gift pack and collectable!

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Patron Silver
Patrón Silver uses only the finest 100% Weber blue agave. It is handmade in small batches to be smooth, soft, and easily mixable.Colour: Crystal clear.Aroma: Fresh agave with fruit and citrus.Taste: Smooth and sweet with fresh agave and hints of citrus.Finish: Light pepper

Patron Reposado
Aged in oak barrels for an average of six months, Patrón Reposado is blended to combine the fresh clean taste of Patrón Silver with a hint of the oak flavor found in Patrón Añejo.

Patron Anejo
Dark golden amber colour; exotic aromas and flavours of oak, smoke, green melon, pepper and brine with some roasted and musky notes; palate is rich, rustic and complex; quite flavourful with a long powerful finish. Crafted from 100% agave

Patron XO Café
Dry, not sweet as with most low-proof coffee liqueurs. Its smooth finish makes it excellent for sipping, as a premium cocktail ingredient, or as a unique and delicious dessert topping.


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